Ways to Reduce Household Water Usage

Working to reduce the amount of water you use at home is a sustainable practice that will help to lower your water bill.  There are several simple but very effective steps you can take at home to help you save on you water usage and thereby reduce your water bill.  Let’s first look at what you can do with your kitchen and bathroom faucets.  Here the aerator can be your best friend—it is a great addition to kitchen and bathroom sinks that can help you save water. Once connected, the aerator helps to reduce the amount of water, while adding air to the water to improve the faucets’ water pressure.   The aerator thus has the effect of creating more water even though it does the complete opposite.  With respect to your shower, an aerator shower head can be as a useful water saving device.  Just like your kitchen and bathroom faucets, an aerator shower head increases the water pressure while reducing the water amount.   A water   efficient shower head is a great tool to reduce a household’s water usage.

Kitchen and bathroom aerator
Shower head aerator

Doing other simple things, such as watering your lawn/garden in the morning and evening and not in the middle of the day and inspecting your outside faucets for potentials leaks can also help to lower water usage.   One thing you definitely should quickly address to reduce your household’s water usage is a leaking toilet.  By the time you notice that your toilet(s) is leaking, it usually means the toilet(s) has been leaking for several months.  But there is a very easy way to find out whether your toilet is leaking.  Just drop green food dye into the toilet tank (about 5 drops).  Then let the green dye sit in the tank and check back in 30 minutes to see if the dye comes out into the commode. If the dye is visible than that means there is a leak or a malfunctioning component in your toilet that needs to be replaced, patched up or changed.

Toilet on the left is leaking due to the food color changing the toilet water.

Get in contact with us today so we can perform an energy audit and recommend water saving tips!

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