EEE Origins

Pascale Maslin: Home Efficiency Expert

Energy Efficiency Experts (EEE) began its journey as a non-profit company in 2007. At the beginning, it was just a one-woman company with a singular goal: give people the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their energy consumption. Today, it’s one of the leading energy efficiency firms in the DMV area, boasting a team of auditors as well as an in-house crew. So how did we get here?

EEE was born in a time where no one knew what an energy audit was. Global warming was a mounting concern, with An Inconvenient Truth premiering just a year before. Pascale Maslin took her concerns and joined with Global Environmental Systems, Sierra Club, Washington Parks and People, Friends of the Earth and proposed the Core Capital Challenge: Reduce metro DC’s carbon footprint by 1 billion by Earth Day of 2008. Folks would call in and pledge to participate, but Maslin noticed a trend; people were eager to participate, but unsure how to start. With her background in electrical systems and environmental science, Maslin began coming to people’s homes to assess their homes. With the addition of a blower door test, Maslin’s energy audits became official.

EEE initially operated as a subcontractor but became independent in 2010 with Maslin as its sole employee. When the Pepco program began Maslin hired her first employee, and in 2011 our first crew member joined the company. EEE grew slowly over the years, expanding in 2017 to the size it is today.

Nowadays, EEE boasts a team of lead auditors, support auditors, and an in-house crew. However, it still remains a women-owned energy efficiency firm with the mission to bring energy efficiency to everyone. With a commitment to sustainability, EEE invests in training the future generation in residential energy audits and weatherization while bringing energy efficiency to homes throughout the DMV area. 

What does EEE do?

EEE’s personalized audits involve an attic-to-basement inspection of everything that uses or loses energy in a home. A team of two energy auditors inspect the structural integrity of a building and look for possible cracks and holes in the “conditioned envelope”, or the shell of the structure which contains all your conditioned air, and provide a complete review of a home’s energy efficiency in two hours or less. Each audit includes a detailed written report that prioritizes projects for homeowners to undertake for reduced utility bills and a more energy efficient home. From replacing attic insulation to airsealing and everything in between, our in-house crew have made energy efficiency dreams a reality for thousands of homeowners.

We service homes from Washington DC to Silver Spring and beyond. If you live in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area and have concerns about your home’s energy efficiency, schedule a home energy audit at or call our office at 202-557-9200.

Curious about what other services we provide? Check out the full list of auditing services and see what our in-house crew can do for you!

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