Added Funding For Energy Industry

In recent news, the Biden administration has unveiled a new infrastructure plan in the United States. He will be dedicating billions of dollars to help fund the energy industry. This will create a more competitive market while also cutting down pricing on electricity bills. This will help lower income communities in obtaining cleaner and renewable energy that was previously not available.

It is important to use renewable energy and to be energy efficient because not only is it environment friendly but also friendly to your bank account. Getting an audit can save at least 10% on your electric bills. Pepco urges its customers who are in need of financial assistance to apply for a program. Pepco claims these programs still have millions of dollars and are ready to help. The utility company remains committed to helping residents in the Maryland areas. This can help those who are struggling to pay their bills on time through grants.

Scheduling for an energy audit is an important way to make sure your home is energy efficient. An energy audit can determine the particular conditions that are impacting the comfortability and efficiency of your home, as well as performance. An audit can also help determine the necessary steps and actions to improve your energy efficiency. An energy Audit has the potential to lower your energy bills by a significant amount while also minimizing your carbon footprint. This can also expand the lifespan of appliances. Having appliances upgraded can mean a more efficient home and less money spent on energy bills.

Another way of updating your home’s efficiency is to install LED lightbulbs. Here at Energy Efficiency Experts we offer up to 14 LED lightbulbs which we install along with pipe insulation as well as smart strips. LED lightbulbs maintain a similar look to regular bulbs but they are energy efficient. LEDs are the most recent development in the lightbulb technology. They vary in size and wattage but are long lasting and powerful. According to recent studies LEDs can consume up to 90% less energy than typical lightbulbs. LEDs also do not contain UV lighting. This makes them much safer to use. Not only are they more powerful and safer than typical bulbs, but they also last longer too. An LED lightbulb can last up to 60000 hours. They are also recyclable and environment friendly.

If you are interested in saving money while improving your home’s performance and efficiency, schedule an audit with Energy Efficiency Experts. We can help improve your comfortability while saving you money at the same time. It is also good for the environment and is what we call a 360 win. Contact us and schedule an appointment today.

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