Let’s Talk about LED Bulbs

 LED Bulbs save money. They do so by using about 25% of the amount of energy used by incandescent bulbs. LEDs have come along way in the last ten years in that LEDs are significantly less expensive and the production quality has improved. So, if you go with a reputable company you can expect to have your lights to last as long as a refrigerator, about 100,000 hours. Reducing the number incandescent and halogen bulbs in your house and replacing them with LEDs not only reduces your electric bill but also the cooling load on your house during the summertime. Check out the different types of LED bulbs we use below.

The BR30 LED bulb goes into a recess light. Similar shape to the BR30 that is incandescent.

The Par20 goes into a 4-inch recess light

The A19 is the most common type of light bulb used in a home.

The Candelabra bulb also comes in a little round globe and has a small base.

The MR16 replaces a halogen bulb. Halogens are the most inefficient bulb. 9% of the electricity consumed by a MR16 halogen bulb produces light while 91% produces heat.

Get in contact with us today so we can perform an energy audit and directly install LED bulbs in your home!

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