What Biden’s Energy Plan means for Maryland and Washington D.C. Homeowners

Biden’s Plan to Reach Energy Efficiency

Source: NBC News

As the election draws to a close and January approaches, President-elect Joe Biden has outlined his plan for the energy sector by setting ambitious goals to reach carbon net-zero emissions by 2050. Biden’s plan places an urgency on updating America’s dated infrastructure, improving energy efficiency in buildings and homes, and expanding electric vehicles, solar and wind technologies. While there are several nationwide plans, let’s look closer at what Biden’s plan could mean for local residents in the DMV area.

In his plan so far, Biden plans to accomplish the following by 2025:

  • Make energy efficiency upgrades up to two million households in metropolitan and rural areas, affordable housing units, and public housing units to save families money on their energy bills, create jobs, and provide safe and healthy homes.
  • Invest to increase the number of affordable energy-efficient homes available on the market. 
  • Advance appliance and equipment efficiency standards.
  • Increase funding for programs (ie. Weatherization Assistance Program & LIHEAP) that enable energy efficiency improvements for low-income families in urban and rural areas. (Check out our blog on Montgomery County CEA Program).
  • Increase funding for DOE’s State Energy Program.
  • Make it easier to access funding and financing for home energy efficiency by streamlining eligibility requirements across federal low-income energy efficiency funding and financing programs.

(Source: Clean Energy For Biden and Biden Climate Plan)

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