Energy Saving Solutions: Weatherstripping Case Study

McBroom house

House Type: Ranch

Location: Washington DC

The Problem: High gas bills in winter, master bedroom is above the garage and is freezing in winter

Specific Work Performed

Attic and House Sealing:

• Sealing penetrations in the attic floor
• Installing and sealing insulation compatible covers on the recessed lights (24!)
• Weatherstripping and insulating the attic hatch
• Installing baffles to direct the air from the knee-walls over the insulation
• Adding insulation to the attic floors
• Whole house sealing
• Replacing the weather-striping on one door

Attic Insulation:
• Adding 15” of fiberglass to the attic

Garage Insulation:
• Pre-drilling holes though lathe
• Dense-packing the garage ceiling with cellulose

This shows a 27% reduction in the cost of heating this home in relation to the heat demand for the winter of 2015-2016.

home energy savings table
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