All You Need is Love (And Savings)

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This week isn’t just for lovers, it’s also for those who love savings. Starting February 15th, any Maryland homeowners looking to make their energy efficiency dreams a reality will get a 10% increase in possible rebates. However, don’t wait too long, this change only lasts until March 31st, 2023.

What’s the buzz about?


Every rebate currently provided by EmPOWER Maryland offers incentive rates at $18 for electric and $5 for natural gas savings. This means that Pepco pays $18 per lifetime for each MMbtu an appliance produces and Washington Gas pays $5 per lifetime for each MMbtu an appliance produces. (MMbtu stands for Metric Million British Thermal Unit, which is a measurement of heat.) From the 15th of February to the 31st of March, the electric incentive rate will increase to $20. 

All you need to secure these savings is to choose a date for the job, pay 30% of the job deposit, and sign a service agreement.

If you haven’t already, start with a home energy audit and assess what your home needs. Our energy auditors can work with you to personalize whatever changes you’re looking to make. Tired of getting cold feet? Break up with your home’s inefficiencies and say “I do” to energy efficiency!

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An example of what the increased incentive rate will look like!

Save Some Money, Honey


Still hesitant to follow your heart? This incentive increase is not the only opportunity for savings out there right now. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners can get thousands of dollars in rebates and tax credits. Learn more about the savings here!

Those Three Little Words (Energy Efficiency Experts)


At Energy Efficiency Experts we inspect the structural integrity of your home and look for possible cracks and holes in what we call the “conditioned envelope”, or the shell of your home which contains all your conditioned air. In a heartbeat, our home energy auditors can find any and all inefficiencies throughout your home. 

We service homes from Washington DC to Silver Spring and beyond. If you live in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area and have concerns about attic insulation, drafts, or your bills, schedule a home energy audit at or call our office at 202-557-9200.

Curious about what other services we provide? Check out the full list of auditing services and see what our in-house crew can do for you!

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