Our Experience Conducting a Home Energy Audit

A house we recently audited was interesting because it was built to be quite an efficient home, with brick veneers and R-13 insulation in the walls. At a first glance, one would assume that this home would have a low infiltration rate, low energy bills, and also perform efficiently. However, upon entering the home we discovered quickly how uncomfortable the house was and how high the customers energy bills were. As we began our energy audit it was clear as day what the issues were.

The first issue was that this home had no soffit vents and eave vents in the attic and the attic was not ventilated properly. In other words, the attic was acting like an oven at the top of the house which contributes to the temperature difference between the floors of the house. Furthermore, the second floor had a cantilever going out the back with little to no insulation. Now, when the house was originally built the cantilever had insulation however over time that insulation shrinks. Additionally, there was no air barrier put between the joist. So, if you can imagine a cantilever on the second floor, the joist that support the second floor are extended and overhanging the first floor and there is no ceiling between the joist. Consequently, this open space acts like an air-thermal break between the floors as air can freely move throughout the home. This results in the house feeling really hot in the summer.

Another problem with the house is that it had a hybrid crawlspace. The crawlspace did not have any insulation on the ceiling of the crawlspace which indicates that the crawlspace should be included in the conditioned area of the house. Yet, there was no insulation on the walls of the crawlspace (an indication of an included conditioned space) and there was one vent going to the outside which means the crawlspace should be excluded from the house. So, either way there was no insulation on the walls nor ceiling, meaning it was neither included nor excluded properly. This is a problem because the crawlspace has a big impact during the wintertime on the comfort of the room that is above it.

These problems that existed in this house can easily be fixed, which ultimately helps the efficiency of your home, the cost of your energy bills and most importantly your comfort. So, get in contact with us today so we can provide a detailed home energy audit and turn your home into a comfortable living space!

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All You Need is Love (And Savings)

This week isn’t just for lovers, it’s also for those who love savings. Starting February 15th, any Maryland homeowners looking to make their energy efficiency dreams a reality will get a 10% increase in possible rebates. However, don’t wait too long, this change only lasts until March 31st, 2023. What’s the buzz about?   Every

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Energy Auditing Tools of the Trade: Blower Door Fans

We’re big fans Energy auditors use a lot of interesting equipment to inspect your home, from something as common as a ladder to something as complicated as a manometer. In this blog series, we’ll cover a new tool each month and break down how we use it and what it can tell us about your

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Give Me Some Credit!

Owning a home is a journey beyond the initial purchase; unexpected expenses can pop up like daisies in the spring. Investing in energy efficiency can reduce those costs, but not without their own price tag up front. So what’s a homeowner to do? This dilemma has not gone unnoticed, and with energy demands always on

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2023 Year of Opportunities graphic

2023: New Year, New Energy

23 Energy Tips for 2023 In the blink of an eye, 2022 has come and gone. With the new year upon us, it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions for 2023. Have you been thinking about approaching energy efficiency and sustainability from a new angle? Add one or two of these resolutions to

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Santa's legs sticking out from a chimney

Sayonara Sooty Santa

Keeping Your Chim-Chiminey Clear A couple weeks ago we shared how chimney dampers affect your home’s energy efficiency. However, your chimney’s cleanliness, fireplace type, and the wood you burn can all have a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency as well as your safety. In this blog we’ll discuss the following questions: How often

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small model house in a red knit blanket

Winter Energy-Saving Tips- Part Two

‘Tis the season to be jolly- and if you need ideas on how to keep your home merry and bright, here are some new energy-saving tips!  Need more tips? Check out Part One! Basics Layers: A tried and true method, the more layers you have, the warmer you are. Try to combine inner layers made

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two pairs of feet warming in front of a fireplace

Don’t Let Your Chimney Put a Damper on Your Holiday

There’s no better way to ward off the winter chill than by getting cozy around the fireplace. However, that same haven of warmth could also be part of the problem. The culprit? Your chimney’s damper. What is a chimney damper? Chimney dampers are doors above the fireplace that help control airflow. They are designed to

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cleaning a gutter

Get Your Mind in the Gutter

How gutters affect your home’s energy efficiency     With the arrival of autumn comes the pleasures of all things fall: cooler weather, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes. However, leaves are not solely an issue for those with yards- every home should keep an eye on their gutters- not just what’s inside them, but the

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indoor air quality illustration

Insulation and Indoor Air Quality

Removing old attic insulation and overall home ventilation can improve indoor air quality. Here are few reasons to schedule an energy audit to ensure your home is breathing safe air.

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thermometer shows a high temperature next to lemon water during heat wave

Summer Energy Saving Tips

Below you will find strategies to help you save energy and keep utility cost down during the summer when the weather is getting warmer and you are trying to keep a cool home. There are a range of tips from free to inexpensive that most homeowners can take to keep energy affordable during the summer

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DC historic houses

Maximizing Energy Efficiency for Historic Houses

Many homes in the DMV area, especially in DC, are historic in age which leads into the topic of seeking ways to make one’s home more energy efficient. Today, with energy resources being depleted and and growing concerns of greenhouse gases on climate change, owners of older can look towards sustainable/green building practices that modern

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rain barrels

Energy Efficient Garden Practices

Gardening has become an increasingly popular pastime in recent years. Here are some considerations to take in to be more energy efficient while gardening. These are the main points of focus where one can implement new energy efficiency garden practices. Water Utilization One of the most important aspects in gardening aside from the plants themselves

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President Joe Biden

Biden’s Plan to Reach Energy Efficiency: Year in Review

With climate change concerns increasingly on our minds, sustainability has been an important part of modern political agendas. Climate action on a federal policy scale is a great way to make a significant impact, but how much can actually be achieved within 4 years? Let’s take a close look on how we’re doing so far!

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laptop, notebook and pen

Saving Energy While Working From Home

More time working from home means more energy use. Here are some easy energy saving habits to adopt when you are home. 1. Dedicated Workspace Staying in one place is helpful, both in your work concentration and energy use. Avoid using power in rooms where you are not present, such as lights in living/dining rooms.

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spring cleaning products

Spring Cleaning: Increasing Efficiency With Your Current Home

Did you know that spring cleaning can make your home more energy efficient? Below are a handful of different things you can incorporate into your spring cleaning routine: Cleaning Larger Appliances. It would be great to start with cleaning appliances such as a refrigerator, clothes dryer, and oven. These appliances are larger and used more

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solar path lights, garden

Spring Into Spring With Home Energy Efficiency Tips!

Homeowners, springtime is here, and that means it’s the perfect season to think about how to develop gardens and yards into being more energy efficient! Solar-Powered Path Lights Harness the power of the sun with solar-powered garden lights! As the sunsets begin to come later in the evening it’s the best time to make use

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feet with black and white striped socks warming up next to a space heater

Appliance Lifespans- When is it Time to Change?

How Long Can I Expect Appliances to Last? Do you still have that 1996 bulky refrigerator with the mysterious loud hum? What about the furnace that everybody is afraid to go near? And not to mention the space heater that has been passed down through the family. Appliances and building materials can endure wear and

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ice buildup on roof and in gutters - ice dam

Winter Hazards to Your Roof & Attic

Ice Damming We are in the peak of the winter season, between weekly DC snowstorms and snow busts. Temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing are ideal conditions for snow melt and refreeze. Add in heat loss through the roof and we will eventually see icicles building up to form ice dams. Ice dams form along

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air conditioner / compressors

Adapting Air Conditioning to Climate Change

The Future of Air Conditioning Heat waves and temperature extremities linked to climate change are driving up demand for cooling in our communities every summer. There are close to two billion air conditioning systems operating worldwide, and according to the International Energy Agency that figure is expected to triple to six billion by 2050. Air conditioning is

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a light bulb next to an energy efficiency chart

New Year Energy Resolutions

Energy Efficiency in 2022 Happy New Year! Our team at Energy Efficiency Experts is excited to help transition your home to an energy efficient space this year, using our expertise and approach to the house as one system with many interworking parts. We had countless energy efficient homes success stories in 2021 and would like

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measuring home insulation

Attic Insulation

The attic can mean different things to different people. Maybe you store boxes of holiday decorations or tubs of items you have yet to unpack. Maybe it has no insulation and you use it as an extra room. Maybe it is the place you’ve never stuck your head into and never will! Regardless of your

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a man cutting sealing foam around a door

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

How Much Sealing is Too Much? With all of the talk about having insulation installed, holes and gaps air sealed, and windows and doors weather stripped, there is also such a thing as having the house too tight. As much as we need to retain heated or cooled air from our HVAC system so that

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sign showing "Energy Prices" rising (upward arrow)

Rising Prices for Heating, Energy

Tips for Adjusting Your Home to Higher Energy Bills Temperatures are dropping and energy prices are rising. Specifically, the price for fuel to run your furnace, power the oven, heat your water, and fill your car’s gas tank. This is true for not only natural gas and electricity, but oil and propane too at an

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hand holding an illustration of earth in a lotus with sustainable energy symbols in a circle

Geothermal Energy on a Residential Scale

Geothermal Energy…the pros, the cons, is it right for you? A Case Study Geothermal Energy System with a Vertical Loop Configuration When it comes to renewable energy options for homeowners, we tend to think of either solar or wind. Maybe throw in some biomass as an energy source to help power the home. And maybe

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Energy audit

Upgrading to a Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

The Pros and Cons of Making the Switch For those with an electric water heater in their basement, this article is for you. The next upgrade in water heater technology is here. It is the energy star certified heat pump water heater, an efficient hybrid model designed to perform with great savings, greater rebates, and

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Controlling Phantom Power

Controlling Phantom Power As the Halloween season approaches, there is a spooky and costly monster that has been lurking on your electricity bill day in and day out, for the most part unknowingly. This monster eats a whopping 10-23% of annual household electricity usage according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. For the average household

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measuring home insulation

The Science Behind Insulating Your Attic

To determine how much and what type of insulation your attic needs, our experts bring many factors into consideration. There is a certain middle ground to reach; too much attic insulation yields moisture trapping and mold issues, as well as a lack of airflow in the attic. Too little attic insulation results in uneven temperatures

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beautiful autumn landscape, falling oak leaves

Preparing Your Home for Fall

After another summer of heat waves, humidity, and sweat, we are due for a cool down in the DMV region. Before you start to crank that heat up and make fall plans, plan to prepare your home to withstand changing conditions with home energy efficiency in mind. Here are a few DIY steps you can

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COVID-19’s Impact on Residential Energy Consumption

The pandemic has been a disrupted markets and industries throughout the global economy causing job loss, food shortages, and even increases in homelessness. The pandemic has also completely changed where and how we work. This has shifted where employees are using energy to work. Researchers from Columbia university have found that residential power consumption in

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smiling woman reaching into a refrigerator for a lemon

How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Fridge

If replacing your fridge isn’t something you’re in the market for right now, don’t worry! There are a few tips and tricks you can do in order to make your fridge more energy efficient. Check the Temperature – Your fridge should be between 35 and 38 degrees, with your freezer anywhere from 5 to 0.

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a person holding an illustration representing sustainable energy in front of vibrant, green plants

How to Make the Energy Transition Sustainable

One of the main goals we have as a society nationally as well as globally, is finding a source of clean and renewable energy. In order to achieve these goals, there must be access to sufficient resources and materials. New technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels, and electric car batteries must be efficient as

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putting a quarter into a piggy bank in front of an energy meter

Added Funding For Energy Industry

In recent news, the Biden administration has unveiled a new infrastructure plan in the United States. He will be dedicating billions of dollars to help fund the energy industry. This will create a more competitive market while also cutting down pricing on electricity bills. This will help lower income communities in obtaining cleaner and renewable

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thermometer in snow

Winter Storm Preparation Tips

With less than a month until the official start of spring, the DMV continues to experience mild snow and icy conditions. Meanwhile, large areas of Texas are still experiencing power outages and harsh weather conditions, with thousands of households not having power for nearly 5 days. Although Maryland, DC, and Virginia homeowners are likely to

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four energy windmills

Biden Administration already making policy changes for climate & energy efficiency standards

During Trump’s Presidency, the Department of Energy didn’t meet the deadline to review several energy efficiency standards that were due. Biden’s team has already signed to review those policies regarding efficiency in lighting, air conditioning, and appliances, along with re-establishing climate standards. Columbia University’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law created a database to keep

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2020 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

How Energy Efficient is the DMV?

The 2020 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard  At the end of December 2020, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, or ACEEE, released the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. This scorecard analyzes overall energy efficiency efforts, such as policies, programs, electric vehicle use, appliance standards, and energy-saving targets for all 50 states as well as Washington D.C. 

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Energy Efficiency Experts logo

Home Energy Audits – Are They Worth It?

During quarantine, you may have considered doing a DIY energy audit on your home, but let our team do it instead! We are back up and running and 2021 can be the year you finally get your energy issues solved. We are located in Silver Spring, MD, and are serving Pepco and BGE customers in

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"Stay Warm This Winter" snowman illustration

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is nearly here! Besides bundling up in a bulky sweater and laying next to a space heater, here is a list of other measures you can take to stay warm this winter all while saving you heat and energy costs. Lower the thermostat When you leave your home overnight or even if you’re just

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Exelon Company logos

Maryland Leads Energy Success With TOU Pilot Program

Maryland’s energy utilities, BGE, Pepco, and Delmarva Power Co, implemented a pilot TOU program which began in April 2019. As 2020 comes to a close, economic consulting experts at Brattle Group have analyzed the findings of the pilot. (Click the link to read the full report!) What is TOU? A TOU or “Time of Use”

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How Efficient Are Your Christmas Lights?

LEDs or Incandescents? With the holiday season approaching, it’s a good time to take inventory of your Christmas lights. Are your decorative lights LEDs or incandescent? Many shoppers opt for incandescent lights because they’re cheaper, familiar, and come in a variety of colors and sizes, however, they are going to need to be replaced more

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What Biden’s Energy Plan means for Maryland and Washington D.C. Homeowners

Biden’s Plan to Reach Energy Efficiency As the election draws to a close and January approaches, President-elect Joe Biden has outlined his plan for the energy sector by setting ambitious goals to reach carbon net-zero emissions by 2050. Biden’s plan places an urgency on updating America’s dated infrastructure, improving energy efficiency in buildings and homes,

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Check Out the Montgomery County Green Bank CEA Program

The Montgomery County Green Bank’s Clean Energy Advantage (CEA) Program has low cost financing options through Participating Lenders offering specially tailored loans EXCLUSIVELY for Montgomery County homeowners. What Work does the CEA Program cover? How to get started? What Financing Does the Clean Energy Advantage (CEA) Program Offer? CEA Participating Lenders offer special loan terms

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solar panels on a rooftop

Benefits From Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to offset your energy costs, reduce the environmental impact of your home and provide a host of other benefits, such as supporting local businesses and contributing to energy independence. If you are looking to install solar panels on your home, look at these benefits as to why solar panels

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solar panels for solar charged car

Benefits of a Solar Charged Car

Anthropogenic climate change is a global critical issue that has affected and will affect your livelihood and safety. The constant consumption and production of fossil fuel has drastically impacted local, regional, and global climate patterns. The emission of greenhouse gas from tech, power plants, fossil fuel companies, the transportation industries and etc. has forced humankind

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Rickert's House windows

Case Study at Rickert’s House

Ms. Rickert’s house has a semi-flat roof. The third floor of the house was an expansion into the attic space. The ceiling on the third floor was vaulted with very limited clearance between the drywall and the roof deck which implies that there is no manual air sealing that can be done. The vaulted ceiling

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Sustainable You logo

Benefit from Our Partnership With Sustainable You!

We at Energy Efficiency Experts have partnered with Sustainable You, a DC-based community-driven platform, that empowers conscientious residents like you to build a more sustainable lifestyle and be rewarded for it through personalized Eco-Evaluations and resources hosted on their free app! An example of their work is how they help homeowners leverage the best consumer

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hot house illustration

Why is My Upstairs Hotter Than the Rest of the House?

Summer is here, hotter than ever, and we have been receiving numerous calls from customers saying, “why is my upstairs hotter than the rest of the house?” “Why is it hot upstairs at night when I am trying to go to sleep?” And, “why can’t I get even heating and cooling in my house?” These questions are major concerns that need to be addressed immediately and depending on the home, there could be a variety of reasons as to why. Based off of our experience, there are four key issues as to why the upstairs is hotter than the rest of the house.

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Seize the Savings: PEPCO’s and BGE’s Limited-Time Larger Rebates

As we navigate through the realm of energy efficiency and savings, PEPCO and BGE are paving the way with an enticing limited-time offer aimed at homeowners looking to upgrade their energy systems. This offer (available until October 31, 2024) promises substantial rebates on qualifying upgrades, just in time to enhance your home’s energy efficiency while

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Energy Efficiency vs Conservation

Energy Efficiency vs. Conservation

Many individuals use these terms interchangeably and are unaware of a fundamental difference. While both have the intention of benefiting the environment in some capacity, one should remember these 2 factors to see which action may suit their needs best: In other words, conservation subtracts out anything that may be using unnecessary energy consumption (leaving

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Insulation: The Value of the R-Value

When it comes to making your home energy-efficient, one term you’ll often hear is “R-value.” Your energy auditor may even say that insulation is needed in parts of your house to raise its R-value to industry standard. But what exactly is R-value, and why is it so important in the world of insulation? Let’s break

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