What is a home energy audit?

Are you looking to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home? Whether it is summer or winter, changes in weather can have a dramatic impact on how much money you are spending  cooling and heating your home. A weatherization project begins with an energy audit; this is a complete evaluation of your home. We use state of the art technology to assess your home’s efficiency and safety.

1. Assessing Your Home

We begin with an evaluation of the attic; is it sealed? Are the eave or soffit vents open to the attic? Is there sufficient ventilation? Are there moisture problems? How much insulation is there? Are the recessed lights insulation compatible and airtight? These are some of the questions that the auditor determining.

2. Evaluate Its Performance

Next we perform a calibrated blower door test. This powerful tool amplifies the issues in the house about 20 times so they can be easily identified. Are the windows and doors leaking? How much air is going into the attic from the house? Are cantilevers and crawlspaces connected to the house? After the blower door test we collect data such as kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan functioning, refrigerator age, HVAC equipment age and efficiency, …

3. Ensuring Safety

The last step is the combustion safety test; we start with checking for gas leaks. Next we put the house is a condition known as “worst case scenario” where the exhaust fans are all turned on and doors are arranged so the most negative air-pressure conditions are achieved. We want to make sure that the furnace and hot water heater vent correctly under these conditions, because if they are good in the worst conditions, then they are safe all the time. We also test the efficiency of furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters and stoves at this time; any combustion appliance is tested. We need to know that your home is going to be safe before doing any work.
Lastly we send you a written report of the test results and we set an appointment to discuss the next steps in the weatherization project. Does this sound interesting? Please reach out to us energyefficiencyexperts.com or call to schedule an assessment.
Pascale Maslin

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