Making Your Home Energy Efficient

A frequent question that homeowners ask us when we conduct energy audits is “if I implement these suggestions, how much money will I save?” Well, the correct answer, of course, depends on the problems that exist in each home we assess. However, based on our experience, while the energy problem may vary from household to household, those households that solve their specific problem and become energy efficient can save about 30% on their heating bills and 10% on their cooling bills.

So, what are types of energy problems households face and how can they be addressed?  Well, there is the problem of inefficient air circulation. An efficient home circulates the right amount of air throughout the house. On the contrary, a drafty house does not. It allows for conditioned air to escape through “leaky areas”— doors, attics, basements, and windows, and therefore raising your utilities bills. This is the case because as conditioned air escapes, unconditioned air enters, forcing your heating and/or cooling system to work harder at conditioning more air, which you are paying for. So, a good way to reduce your utilities bill is to make your heating and cooling systems more efficient by properly sealing your leaky areas.

Another effective way of making your home more efficient is to replace all non-LEDs bulbs. LEDs produce more light than its incandescent counterpart and yet it uses 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Switching to LEDs can save a household anywhere from $30 a month or more on the electric bill.

Addressing your refrigerator coils is another way of reducing your energy bill, especially if you have animals.  A blanket of dog hair on your refrigerator coils means your refrigerator must work substantially harder.  The good news is that it takes little effort to clean an accumulation dog hair or dirt that negatively affects your refrigerator cooling capacity.  By simply using a coil brush and a vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of all that dirt in only 15 minutes.  In return, your refrigerator will work more efficiently and even last longer.

Get in contact with us today so we can perform an energy audit to assess your problems and provide a solution!

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