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Know Your Fireplace

Energy-Efficient Fireplaces

Energy-efficient fireplaces, both wood-burning and gas, let you enjoy the warmth of a fire without letting your home heating energy go up in smoke. Efficient fireplaces can help improve comfort in energy efficient homes and keep the lower levels nice and toasty during the winter.

Warming Your Basement

For many homeowners, the basement can be a cold and dark place, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether it is wood-burning or gas, having a fireplace in the basement will introduce heat into the lower levels of your home, allowing the insulation in both your floor and attic to help keep your home warm in the winter. It will improve comfort and lower your heating bills.

Energy-Efficient Gas Fireplace

If you want the convenience and low maintenance of an energy-efficient gas fireplace, you can use a direct-vent gas fireplace. With an energy-efficiency rating as high as 76%, the direct-vent fireplace uses two-way vents that supply outside air for combustion.

Getting the Most from a Wood-Burning Fireplace

To get the most out of your traditional wood-burning fireplace you should make sure the warmth you feel is reaching its full potential and not for show. Since hot air rises, most of the heat produced by the fire will escape through the chimney. Furthermore, the hot air creates an updraft that can suck the warmth right out out of the room. While you can minimize heat loss by adjusting the damper and create more heat by burning the right kind of wood, the best way to turn your fireplace into an efficient room heater is to install a fireplace insert, or ensure you have glass doors installed and keep them closed.

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