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Our Experience Conducting an Energy Audit

A house we recently audited was interesting because it was built to be quite an efficient home, with brick veneers and R-13 insulation in the walls. At a first glance, one would assume that this home would have a low infiltration rate, low energy bills, and also perform efficiently. However, upon entering the home we discovered quickly how uncomfortable the house was and how high the customers energy bills were. As we began our energy

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How to Prevent Cigarette Smoke from Entering your Home

To all homeowners who are sick and tired of the nauseating smell of cigarettes encroaching your home from the outside, we hope this blog provides useful weatherization tips to help reduce the smoke and smell of cigarettes into your home. Lets first begin by explaining the “stack effect”. Heat rises in a home, goes to the top of the house where it can escape. Once warm air escapes, a negative pressure at the bottom of

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Ways to Reduce Household Water Usage.

Working to reduce the amount of water you use at home is a sustainable practice that will help to lower your water bill.  There are several simple but very effective steps you can take at home to help you save on you water usage and thereby reduce your water bill.  Let’s first look at what you can do with your kitchen and bathroom faucets.  Here the aerator can be your best friend—it is a great

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Let’s Talk about LED Bulbs

 LED Bulbs save money. They do so by using about 25% of the amount of energy used by incandescent bulbs. LEDs have come along way in the last ten years in that LEDs are significantly less expensive and the production quality has improved. So, if you go with a reputable company you can expect to have your lights to last as long as a refrigerator, about 100,000 hours. Reducing the number incandescent and halogen bulbs

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