Hot house!

Attic Ventilation and Other Cool Solutions So lately I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from homeowners that are complaining about the top of their house being warmer than the floors below, sometimes as much as 12 degrees  Common complaints are that ‘it’s too hot to sleep upstairs’, ‘it’s really uncomfortable on the top floor’, and ‘I don’t know what the problem is’, and of course, ‘can you fix it?’ There are 2 main

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Solar Panels – are they worth the money?

Yes. Energy-saving solar panels contribute to home energy efficiency by reducing monthly electricity bills. They increase home equity and reduce environmental impact while also reducing the homeowner’s reliance on large corporate utility companies and “the grid.” Energy Savings With so many trendy investment opportunities available today, it’s easy to be skeptical of new products that promise, “saving you tons of money.” So let’s calculate energy savings. As an example, the average annual electricity use a

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Muriel Bowser, Mayor of DC, to set aside 7 Million for a Green Bank

In office since 2015, Muriel Bowser last week announced plans to set aside $7 million for the District’s first Green Bank to support building improvements that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Specifically the fund would allow large building owners and those undertaking renovations to obtain affordable loans to replace aging heating, ventilation and cooling systems — among the largest sources of carbon emissions in the city. Low-interest loans would also be available to fund more-experimental technologies, such

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Google's Project Sunroof

If you’ve ever thought about getting solar panels on your house but worried about whether it was worth it, Google may now have just the thing to help you decide. In a new expansion of its Project Sunroof, Google has built 3-D models of rooftops in all 50 states, looked at the trees around people’s homes, considered the local weather, and figured out how much energy each house or building can generate. A home owner

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