a man cutting sealing foam around a door

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

How Much Sealing is Too Much? With all of the talk about having insulation installed, holes and gaps air sealed, and windows and doors weather stripped, there is also such a thing as having the house too tight. As much as we need to retain heated or cooled air from our HVAC system so that it doesn’t equate to money flying out of the door, we also need fresh air from the outside to cycle

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sign showing "Energy Prices" rising (upward arrow)

Rising Prices for Heating, Energy

Tips for Adjusting Your Home to Higher Energy Bills Temperatures are dropping and energy prices are rising. Specifically, the price for fuel to run your furnace, power the oven, heat your water, and fill your car’s gas tank. This is true for not only natural gas and electricity, but oil and propane too at an even greater spike. The US Energy Information Administration released their winter outlook expecting US households to spend a considerable amount

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Geothermal Energy on a Residential Scale

Geothermal Energy…the pros, the cons, is it right for you? A Case Study Geothermal Energy System with a Vertical Loop Configuration When it comes to renewable energy options for homeowners, we tend to think of either solar or wind. Maybe throw in some biomass as an energy source to help power the home. And maybe if you’re in an ideal location, some of the power you use stems from a hydroelectric plant. There is one

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Energy audit

Upgrading to a Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

The Pros and Cons of Making the Switch For those with an electric water heater in their basement, this article is for you. The next upgrade in water heater technology is here. It is the energy star certified heat pump water heater, an efficient hybrid model designed to perform with great savings, greater rebates, and the greatest fuel efficiency. The difference between a hybrid heat pump water heater from an electric water heater lies is

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