Let’s Talk about LED Bulbs

 LED Bulbs save money. They do so by using about 25% of the amount of energy used by incandescent bulbs. LEDs have come along way in the last ten years in that LEDs are significantly less expensive and the production quality has improved. So, if you go with a reputable company you can expect to have your lights to last as long as a refrigerator, about 100,000 hours. Reducing the number incandescent and halogen bulbs

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Making Your Home Energy Efficient

A frequent question that homeowners ask us when we conduct energy audits is “if I implement these suggestions, how much money will I save?” Well, the correct answer, of course, depends on the problems that exist in each home we assess. However, based on our experience, while the energy problem may vary from household to household, those households that solve their specific problem and become energy efficient can save about 30% on their heating bills

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Benefit from our Partnership with Sustainable You!

We at Energy Efficiency Experts have partnered with Sustainable You, a DC-based community-driven platform, that empowers conscientious residents like you to build a more sustainable lifestyle and be rewarded for it through personalized Eco-Evaluations and resources hosted on their free app! An example of their work is how they help homeowners leverage the best consumer incentives for solar in the country here in DC. You can lower or eliminate your Pepco bill, generate thousands of

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Why is my upstairs hotter than the rest of the house?

Summer is here, hotter than ever, and we have been receiving numerous calls from customers saying, “why is my upstairs hotter than the rest of the house?” “Why is it hot upstairs at night when I am trying to go to sleep?” And, “why can’t I get even heating and cooling in my house?” These questions are major concerns that need to be addressed immediately and depending on the home, there could be a variety of reasons as to why. Based off of our experience, there are four key issues as to why the upstairs is hotter than the rest of the house.

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