How do you know if your attic insulation is still working?

If your attic isn’t insulated well, you are probably feeling it now. As temperatures in Maryland dip below freezing every night, the weighted blankets are coming out and the thermostat temperature is being hiked up. ***

But there is more than just cold air seeping into your home, it’s the money used to pay the higher expense of heating that is seeping out. It’s a massive waste of resources. 

It’s easy to forget about the attic insulation as it is something most homeowners rarely see. It’s not something we think about until extreme weather hits. 

It may be time to check your attic insulation. There are several signs that your attic insulation may not be protecting your family and home:

  1. You can see the floor joists. Get a tape measure and yardstick, and a flashlight. Check in all directions from the attic hatch. If the floor joists, which are the boards standing on edge about 16” apart are visible, then you need an additional layer of insulation. Batt insulation, or shredded insulation (loose-fill), should be installed to a depth of 15-17” (R-49) in our region, depending on material type.
  2. The attic is used for storage: Many homeowners use their attic for storage. While storing property up there, check out the bare spots at the edges. If you see lots of bare spaces, you need to install more insulation. It’s crucial to have these bare spots filled as heat may escape. Air leaking out increases your heating bills. 
  3. Weatherstrip the attic door. This eliminates any gaps, particularly the front end of attic hatch entrances. Air will leak out and create attic drafts. Foam sealant may also be used. 
  4. Increased energy bills. While poor or no insulation may be a cause of your higher energy bills, it may not be the only cause. Your HVAC may need maintenance or may need to be replaced. Your air filters may be dirty and need to be replaced. However, all of those may be fine and it may only be your insulation. A home energy audit should be conducted to determine all of the factors. 

Don’t live through another cold and expensive winter. Check your attic now and save money and be comfortable in your home again, whether it’s ten degrees or a hundred. 

Energy Efficiency Experts can do a Home Energy Audit to evaluate everything in your home that uses or loses energy. If you were too cold this winter and piled on layer and layer of clothing, then a home energy audit will help you locate problem areas and can help reduce your utility bills by up to 35%. Call (202) 557-9200 for a consultation or complete a form submission on our website at

*** For more about the current Maryland weather, visit this MSN website page.  


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